Outgoing Email on Home DSL from Work Laptop

I have Verizon DSL as my home internet provider. I am trying to utilize my work laptop which is with a different provider and i am able to get incoming mail but can not send mail. I verifyed with my work provider the outgoing server settings needed and have used it on the road in other settings. Is there something special i need to from verizon's end? It is running thru a wireless router but for test purposes i established my home email account on my laptop to test using verizon settings and it worked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Outgoing Email on Home DSL from Work Laptop
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For residential customers, Verizon blocks access to port 25 off network. This is a polite way of saying that you cannot use  an SMTP server that is outside the Verizon network to send email if you are a residential customer using Verizon Internet Service.

 You have two choices. You can see if your SMTP server at work will accept the use of something other than port 25 (some will accept using port 587 instead of 25)  and configure your email client accordingly, or you can change the SMTP server for outgoing email to outgoing.verizon.net when you are working from home.

Only outbound email is restricted. There is no problem receiving mail from an off network POP server as you have already discovered