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I received an email message with a funny video attached.  I tried to forward it to my family and friends, replacing the message with "View the video."  I pressed send and got an error message that the message was spam and to go to the spamfaq page.  I went there and and got the email address to send my message to in order to get it permitted.  I sent the message to the spam police for approval.  I got an error message saying that the message did not make it out of an outbox.  I tried to contact Verizon.  I filled out the form and clicked the send button.  I was taken to another page that said my desired destination could not be found and listed other links.  My questions are, "How do I get my email declared non-spam" and "How can I contact Verizon?" 

I do not like Verizon's spam scan.  My Norton 360 provided spam scanning, at different ports, and I could interact with it in Outlook Express, identifying spam and non-spam.  Verizon allows the same spammers to send me mail over and over again, and then flags my message as spam when it is not.

Also, why does this page keep jumping up and down?

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As stated in the Spam FAQ page, you will not get any response when sending the message to spamdetector.update@verizon.net for review. You attach the message that you are unable to send, and they review it. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the filter will either be updated to allow the content that was previously blocked, or it will be determined to be a legitimate block and no changes will be made.

Some troubleshooting steps you can try:
If you have a signature, try removing one line at a time from it and attempting to send the message again. Some signatures look like "ads" to the filters, apparently.

If you are using a pop3 client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) try sending your message from the verizon.net website. If this resolves the issue, then it is something that your client is adding to the message that is causing it to be blocked.

If the Subject line of your message has a whole bunch of "Fwd: Fwd: Re: Fwd:" try removing some of them.

Remove any links/URLs from the email one at a time to isolate if one of them is causing the block.

Some people have suggested sending the message to check@isnotspam.com for investigation. This may work for you as well.