Outlook 2002 unable to send email

I had been using Outlook to successfully receive and send email for years using the settings provided by Verizon.  Initially the settings were: incoming.verizon.net using port 110 and outgoing.verizon.net; using port 25 without SSL encryption.  Then I had to re-install my operating, system due to a system problem, and therefore re-install Outlook, which I did successfully.  I reconfigured my Outlook account as before and was able to receive, but not send, email.  I contacted Verizon tech support and the told me to change the port settings (I also confirmed this on the Verizon support web site) to incoming 995 and outgoing 465.  Same problem except the error message kept telling me to check my email address field.  There was nothing wrong with my email address or password field for that matter.  The technician had me turn on SSL encryption with the same result.  After  an hour of changing settings and confirming that my email address, account information and password were all correct the technician said - "well you can get and send mail from the Verizon web mail site so there is nothing more I can do".   I played with the settings my self and got the old settings to work again as they had before, but periodically it would stop sending for a few hours and then almost magically begin working again.  Has anyone had a similar situation and come to a successful resolution.  I can't find any in the forums.

Re: Outlook 2002 unable to send email
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Lots of succesful users.  Make sure your id is listed correctly ( I believe without @verizon.net) and password is using clear or apop.  And mark my server requires authentication on outgoing.

Official guidance is here http://www22.verizon.com/support/residential/internet/fiosinternet/email/setup+and+use/questionsone/...