Outlook 2010 won't go back from Working Offline to Online

I am using Windows 7 Outlook 2010.  Suddenly today, an icon Working Offline appeared on the Notification Bar.  I was not working offline.  My email could not receive or send.  I rebooted more than a couple of times.  I disconnected totally from the wall outlet. It did not succeed.  I was and still am able to go online for everything else, just not Outlook.  I googled the problem and saw repeatedly that I should go to Send/Receive then Preferences and uncheck Offline.  I can't find Preferences anywhere and can't find info about where to find it.

(I am able to check my mail with Verizon Webmail but, of course, that is absolutely not what I want to have to do.)

After one of the times I rebooted, I could no longer access the Outlook Inbox.  Then it suddenly appeared again.   Right now, it is gone again. 

What can I do to correct this?????  Would a System Restore help?  I hate to do that but I will if I must.


Re: Outlook 2010 won't go back from Working Offline to Online
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Community Leader

I would just verify your Server settings for the Verizon e-mail account in Outlook. See this article, since Verizon may have changed some things around that caused it to go offline for you. Likely, Outlook cannot connect to the server which you can most likely find out by doing a Send and Receive.