Outlook Does Not Receive All Email Messages from Verizon POP
Contributor - Level 2

I have Outlook 2010 installed on Windows 8.1. I have several email accounts set up, one with outlook.com, others with gmail.com. I have a separate domain email provider and I have Verizon FIOS. I do not have problems with the other accounts, but with Verizon I do not receive all email messages. I get maybe 5 or 6 a day out of the 15 or 20 I see on the Verizon Web View.

I have set up email access on my Android phone and on a Kindle Fire tablet. I have used the same settings (SSL, Port#, in/out servers, etc..) and I get all the messages on those devices. It just seems to be Outlook that has the issue.

My wife also has Outlook 2010 with several accounts and she does not get any of her Verizon email. She does get it on her iPad and on her iPhone.

Any ideas what's going on with Outlook and/or Verizon?


- mike