Outlook Error, IP Blacklist, Overseas Error, TWC Error
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Hello Everyone, 

First I would like to consolidate all these problems or errors:

Impossible to Whitelist IP/Domain

Suddenly, Receiving' reported error (0x80042108) in Outlook

No response from - pop.verizon.net - or - smtp.verizon.net -

Unable to reach POP server from Time Warner cable

Cannot access verizon email while overseas

0x800CCC90, 0x800CCC92

yet another victim of the Verizon blacklisting

These problems all stem for one single issue which is Verizon has blacklisted your ip address. 

First a description of the problem form here: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Verizon-net-Email/yet-another-victim-of-the-Verizon-blacklisting/m-p/75...

From the long thread at http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Verizon-net-Email/No-response-from-pop-verizon-net-or-smtp-verizon-net/... and other complaints, it strongly appears that Verizon cut off POP and SMTP access from a large portion of the internet, maybe including all foreign ISPa, on or about 17 September 2014.
The problem occurs when  you have Verizon email but don't use always Verizon as your ISP.   Without changing any settings on your computer, you can no longer access the Verizon POP or SMTP servers.   The web interface to your Verizon email is unaffected.  If your internet connection hasn't changed, then this would have happened on or about 17 September 2014.  If you changed your internet connection, for examples between work and home or due to travel, then your inability to access Verizon email could have happened at the time of the switch.
There may have been good reasons for Verizon to make this restrict access in this way.  For example, Verizon's email servers may have been successfully attacked, and Verizon then restricted access so as to stem the attack. 
Verizon does not appear to be saying anything about either just the simple fact of the cutoff, the reasons for it, the hopefully temporary workaround, or when a resolution can be expected.  It is the silence of Verizon that is the most severe problem, causing considerable expense on the part of its customers.   Verizon may believe that its silence is helping to solve the problem, but past experience has shown that being forthright is the much better policy.
I currenntly use Verizon FIOS for cable, phone, and internet, but I am seriously considering changing because of this poor behaviour of Verizon.

Now, a possible solution by taxman23 from here: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Verizon-net-Email/Unable-to-reach-POP-server-from-Time-Warner-cable/m-p...

I called tech support and asked them to research the Verizon email server problem. I then asked them to set up a repair ticket to check my IP ( I gave it to them)address to see if it was restricted. If so, please have them release the restriction. The repair ticket was attached to my account and I was able to monitor its progress. After 24 hours the repair ticket status indicated IP address was clear. My email was then back to normal. No settings on my computer needed to be changed. Don't let the Verizon reps tell you they can't do it. If they do, ask for a supervisor. Don't get off the line until you have the repair ticket number.
To find your individual IP address, type in "what is my IP address" in the address bar of your browser. (omit quotes).


taxman23 and a very few handful are considered very lucky. For the majority of us when we call or email verizon their support people are completely unaware of the problem. When we tell them to look at this forum and even read and descibe the problem to them they will either tell you to call another number or tell you there is no such thing as a ip blacklist or that you have a dynamic ip address and they can't help you. 

Just so you know "some ISP's use Sticky Dynamic IP Addressing and do not change the IP address very often" so you can have the same IP address for months regardless if you turn your modem off. 

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Re: Outlook Error, IP Blacklist, Overseas Error, TWC Error
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Verizon's silence on this is not golden. Too many verizon customers are heading overseas with their laptops, IPads etc expecting to be able to communicate with home after arriving at their distentation. Having paid their $25 for data access without so much as a comment from Verizon that you may have a problem and here a work-around.

A unhappy verizon customer


Re: Outlook Error, IP Blacklist, Overseas Error, TWC Error
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Thank you for providing a great summary, and possible solution, for this problem!   I too encountered the same situation on a 3-week trip to Aruba during Dec 2014 - Dec 2015.  I might add, as well, that one cannot access many of the Version support websites while out of the country if connected to WiFi. I too also contacted Verizon tech support and came up against a stone wall of representatives who either weren't aware of the IP blocking or flat out denied it was occurring.  In one case, the Verizon tech connected me to Microsoft as they were certain it was an Outlook problem. I never got the problem resolved and while I could retrieve my email using webmail, I could not transfer it to my Outlook system that has a fairly complex hierarchical folder structure with multiple rules engines for automatic filing.

There is a related sidebar issue that, IMHO, constitutes a probable unfair trade practice. This relates to receiving one’s Verizon.net email on a Verizon Smart Phone. As it happened, while I was on my trip to Aruba, I found that I also could not synchronize/update my Verizon email when connected to the Wi-Fi system at the house I was staying or other Wi-Fi “hotspots”. Yet I WAS able to synchronize when I was NOT connected to Wi-Fi, but by using data roaming.   My problem with that is one pays $25 for 100MB of data and it is not a stretch to imagine using up several MB just downloading a few emails that have attachments.   In fact, I would imagine that most of us usually reserve downloading and sending emails (when out of the US) only when using WiFi … quite the opposite that Verizon is providing. So, another result of blocking of foreign IP addresses is to force customers to use up data in their data plan to access email, thus increasing customers' costs.

Would love to hear of others’ experiences along these lines.