Outlook Express 12-28-11 Email Changes to Settings don't work

Verizon Email of 12/28/11 told us to make changes to Portal settings of Outlook Express

The intro tells us how much they want to "enhance our online experience". Then at the bottom, they tell us to not respond to the email. Why don't they have a return email when people start having problems? Probably because they would be swamped with complaints.

Worked on this o ver two hours yesterday on my 4 email accounts on 3 computers

As usual, the Verizon instructions are wrong at http://verizon.com/emailsettings

They must never test this stuff before they publish it

Per the above instructions, I changed the  Outgoing Portal to 465 and checked the SSL box for that portal

Set the Incoming Portal to 995 from the existing 110 and checked that SSL box

Outlook express would time out waiting for Verizon to connect for outgoing messages

I had changed the Outgoing Portal to 587 per Verizon instructions in 2009 (I document everything and keep it!)

So, I reset that with the Outgoing SSL still checked: still timed out

Unchecked the Outgoing SSL and everything worked

The settings that are working now:

Outgoing Portal 587 with SSL unchecked

Incomong Portal 995 with SSL checked

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I agree - so much of what Verizon does, doesn't work. Their instructions for Windows Vista, Windows Mail say:

  • Setting up and updating your Verizon Online email with Vista™ Windows Mail
    Setting up
    1. Open Mail.
    2. From the Tools menu, select Accounts.
    3. Select Add.
    4. Select Email Acount and then click Next.
    5. Enter the name to be displayed on outgoing messages and then click Next.
    6. Enter your email address, and then click Next.
    7. Type incoming.verizon.net in the Incoming mail (POP3)field.
    8. The Incoming Server (POP3) should be set to 995.
    9. For Incoming mail (POP3), check the box that says “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”.
    10. Type outgoing.verizon.net in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field.
    11. The Outgoing Server (SMTP) should be set to 465.
    12. For Outgoing mail (SMTP), check the box that says “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”.
    13. Click Next.
    14. In the User namefield, type your Verizon Online user name.
    15. In the Passwordfield, type your password.
    16. Check the Remember passwordcheckbox. (If you do not check this box, you'll be prompted for the password when you access your mailbox.)
    17. Click Next and then click Finish to close the window.

However, when you get to the "setup email servers" page at step 7 there is no check box forselecting an SSL connection for either Incoming Mail or Outgoing mail. Aside from the POP3 dropdown and the 2 address boxes, there is only a 4th box where you can check "Outgoing server requires authentication". Whazzup? What Windows Mail setup are they looking at?

Given the problems people are having, I guess the best thing is to ignore the Verizon email warning and when it fails, just switch to Comcast.


Thanks for saving me a bit of trial and error.  However, for me the SSL had to be deactivated on incoming too.  Verizon - are you listening?  Threre is a problem here!


GP Mac and Roger Paul...

Thanks to both of you!

I also needed to uncheck both SSL boxes (using Outlook 2003) and BOOM, it worked. I'm sure it will suddenly stop working very soon, but will hopefully be accompanied by correct setup instructions (which I'll no doubt have to got to My Verizon to find).

Smiley LOL


I just tried the step-by-step directions for Outlook 2010 and they do not work. I tested the non-updated accounts and they worked fine. 

1. Does anyone know a date after which the old settings will no longer work?

2. I thought I read somewhere that an automatic fix was available from Verizon. Does anyone know if that is available and how I access it.


The automatic ones also  just cause my machine to lock up. Nothing happened for an hour. Then nothing after that either. It may be tho that the changes are not necessary after all. A careful reading of the notice says this, "you will need to modify your email settings to take advantage of enhanced security we now offer." It does not say that you need it for use as in the past. It says to access the enhanced security. It seems that the security provided is absolute. You cannot use email at all.


I had the same problem when changing settings per Verizon instructions for Outlook Express 6--the outgoing froze for hours. I finally just returned to the initial settings: outgoing port 25 - no SSL and incoming port 110 also no SSL, which work just fine. I suppose I'm thereby opting out of "enhanced security."