Outlook and Mac Air e-mail rejecting valid passwords
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Had e-mail configured and working fine on 4 devices - Windows Outlook, Mac Air e-mail, IPAD and Iphone. Then today, the Windows 7 and Mac e-mail accounts began rejecting the password for no apparent reason. The password continued to work on the IPAD, IPhone and on the Verizon WebMail server. When prompted to re-enter the password into Outlook, the verizon server continued to reject the password. Same issue with the Mac e-mail but IPAD and IPhone were OK.

Troubleshooting Steps taken:

Contacted Verizon tech support. After two hours of trying to fix the Windows Outlook system, they confirmed that Outlook was configured correctly and there were no problems with my Verizon e-mail. They suggested contacting a laptop repair center to fix my laptop and another repair center to fix my Mac. Optionally, I could use Verizon's Paid Support to attempt to resolve the problem. Rather than spend a lot of money for repair, read final solution to save yourself $$.

Final Resolution:

Went to Verizon Web Server and changed the password on my account. I then had to reset the password on all four devices. (a 10 minute fix)! That's it. Finding where to reset your password can be a challenge. Use the drop down box by your login name and go to Account Settings and look for Change Password. Reset the password to a new one. (Changing passwords periodically is a good practice anyway). But if you really want to keep the old password, change it a second time and reset it to the old password that you preferred.

Note: I tried changing the password in WebMail then changing it back to the old password so as not to affect the IPAD and IPhone settings. However, IPAD and IPhone accounts needed to have the passwords re-entered to connect back to server anyway. The oveall solution is to change the password (optionally change it back to your original password if you prefer that) then going to the password settings on all your devices and reseting them (even if they were correct to begin with).

Hope you find this information helpful.

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This is happening to me today. When I called the Verizon phone number, immediately the message said "if you have email questions dial 1" and dialing 1 produced a message something like "we're having a maintenance issue."  I emailed from my secondary account to let people know in case this "maintenance issue" takes a long time to resolve.

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Had the same issue.  I called and had it reset.  No explanation for what happened, "No way of knowing" was the response.  Either the email was hacked, yet again, or Verizon is having issues with authenticating passwords.  I can't wait to see what new horror tomorrow brings to my verizon email accounts. 

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I'm having exactly the same trouble. Appears my system did a windows defender update on or about the same time as trouble. I've disabled windows defender, changed my password, ran a Norton removal tool, turned off all firewalls, rebooted and still no Verizon email getting to Outlook.  Receives fine on Ipad and Iphone.  Tried contacting Verizon but that was a waste of time. Any other suggestions?