Overcharges on first FIOS bill

I recently had FIOS installed (earlier this month) and the installation was a nightmare and went on for @ 1 week.

Costing me one work day, 5 days without television access and half a day with no phone service because the different units could not coordinate probably.

Despite the fact that I called and emailed that I was so unhappy with the installation that I did not want it completed. FIOS came on the 5th day to complete the installation.   Giving in to frustration, I allowed the installation to proceed, especially because the supervisor called my home directly to apologize and confirm that he was trying to coordinate with the guys that "fixed the broken lines",  and the tech told me that I would be compensated through waiving a fee or a temporary upgrade.  Neither has yet to happen.

Now I get my first bill which should reflect the $79.99 package, no installation fee, free for life multiroom DVR and the free plain DVR in one room.

Instead it is a complicated, difficult to read, hodge-podge of credits and debits and whatchamacallits that total to @ $35 more than I should be charged (after deducting what my carry-over charges are from my previous Verizon residential services are).  Addint insult to injury,  the new FIOS box that was installed less than a month ago was down a full day spurring FIOS to send a new replacement.

Needless to say, I am totally disgusted with Verizon and will ask that they take FIOS out of my residence ASAP.

Very unsatisfied customer

Re: Overcharges on first FIOS bill
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