PLease read this its a very sad story of your service
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I am writing to ask how you justify blocking access to my email after my family had tried to move service to a Temporary housing after a fire and you did not have service at area the address. you told  us all you could do was offer us a 2 year contract  with Dish? . We cannot sign up for a two year contract at a temporary  address and we can't have two cable bills  every month so when we had to stop service and after we tried to come up with a solution with your representative you blocked our access to our email.

We have been displaced for a week we move into temporary housing buy a computer and now we can't check our email which was paid up to date because you can't provide service?

I hope the Pennsylvania utilities commission has justification over you because that's my first call Monday next is a broadcast email to the entire City I am employed by explaining what you did to us in the midst of a life changing catastrophe.

Thank You Verizon,

Re: PLease read this its a very sad story of your service
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Since we haven't heard back from you or have received a form submission as requested in your private support case, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.