Parental email controls

Does anyone that has Verizon email know how to forward all mail from one email address to another while keeping a copy of the email in the first address? Hope that made sense lol..I just switched from Comcast and I'm trying to set up my son's email so that I get a copy of whatever he does. I had Comcast set up that way, but Verizon is not easy to figure out. I thought I had it set up, but now it just forwards it to me and he gets nothing..thanks in advance if you can help 🙂

Re: Parental email controls
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There is no way this can be setup using the Verizon Webmail service. I apologize for your troubles.

Re: Parental email controls
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Actually, you can set up the sub as a pop3 account inside another account, like a free Gmail account, or a pop3 client on your pc, like Outlook. Just make sure you check "Leave a copy of messages on server" or the equivalent option.