Password is not stored with new login dialog IE11 Win 7 SP1
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I am using win 7 & Ie11, I setup my security picture and new password. If I check remember neither the user id or password is remembered.  All cookies were cleared and this did NOT fix it. Also IE does not ask if I want to store the password, is this part of the "new" security?

PS I am not logging out when i exit the site I am just doing file-exit from the browser window. Thaks for any advise, J

I also tried creating a new shortcut with no success.

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I can tell you the answer, Verizon claims they are working on it.  Not sure why it takes a multi-billion dollar company (going a 3 weeks) to solve a simple problem like this.  I just do what a consumer can only do about this, I spread the word on how much I HATE VERIZONS LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!