Is it possible to do either of these things?

1) Enter a password which one would need to use in order to get access to the Computer at all, such as this: First, the User turns on the PC, and, then, must enter the password to "open" the Computer before ANY  of its features  can be reached - not just the Internet related services. 

2) Regardless of the answer to that question, is it possible to use such a password to get any access  JUST to the Internet server itself.

I know that these requests are bizzare.  The reasons for them go like this:  The above Verizon account is the principal Internet account for which this Compiter is used.  Much of what the Verizon account deals with is very confidential.  But there is a second, minor server on this Computer - AOL - and I am trying to protect that confidentiality because there are several people who usually employ AOL and/or simply "play with" non-Internet features of the Computer.

Thank you,

Ed Flood

Re: Passwords
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What is the OS and Version of this (or these) computer(s)?

For example. Windows XP.

If you know it is Windows but you don't know what version, then..

a) Go to Start -> Run.

b) Type in winver and press enter.