Pictures do not show in email
Specialist - Level 3

I received an emal today with no visible content.  The size was 87k, indicating something more than an empty message. 

I forwarded the message to my hotmail account.  The message was empty.

I then accessed Verizon mail using Windows Live Mail.  The message was a photo.

What is there about Verizon mail that prevents photos from showing?

Re: Pictures do not show in email

I'm having the same trouble.

I just quit using iMac Mail.  This app did allow me to create nice messages showing the photo in the text body along with captions.  I could also add links from my ImageShack account and they would be displayed in the message body.

Now, using Verizon's email directly, the program treats the photo as an attachment and puts in in my download folder.  I must go into the file and open each one. Many people won't bother because it involves so many extra steps.  Isn't there someway to place the image in the body of the message, move it, add captions, etc.  If not, I think I'm going back to iMail.