Problem Logging into only one of many computers
1. I have two desktop computers. One is hard wired to a linksys router and works great. The other desktop that has a problem logging into my email account. See (5) below. 2. First you must know that I also have an apple mac that is connected via the Router and it also works fine running OSX. 3. I have a Dell Laptop running Vista connected via the Router that runs fine. 4. Have another Dell Laptop running Win 7 is connected via the Router that runs fine. 5. I have this desktop running Win XP pro that is my problem. This is how the problem goes: I get to what appears to the correct login page; Type in the correct user and PW info; execute by clicking on the correct button; Nothing happens; I try several other ways; I click on the "signin" box at the extreme top right and nothing happens; I click on another box that ask for my location and a new window appears asking for my addres and zip code. I eventually get to the email. Now at this moment I look at the top of this my current window and I see that my location is shown and I am signed into verizon to write to you. There is a block that reads "signout". What is going on?