Problem with Go Daddy domain email to Verizon accounts

I registered a new domain yesterday with Go Daddy. Email works fine coming into the Go Daddy email account, but outgoing email does not reach Verizon accounts. I have spent a lot of time with both Verizon and Go Daddy tech support, but they are scratching their heads.

  1. Go Daddy confirms emails successfully go to Verizon servers
  2. Verizon told me my domain name is not on the black list (I submitted a White List Request anyway)
  3. Email works to all other ISP hosted email accounts
  4. Email from Verizon to Go Daddy account works fine
  5. I have checked all junk/spam folders and the emails are not there
  6. There are no bounceback messages

Here is the strangest one... one message went through successfully to an individual on Verizon this morning. I sent another to that individual and it worked again... 3 more times. But I cannot reach any other Verizon email customers.

Can anyone help please?

Re: Problem with Go Daddy domain email to Verizon accounts
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IS there anything differnet about the account you are able to send to (maybe they are using the older incoming parameters?

HAve you looked at any of the posts on the Godaddy Forum such as these?