Re: Email Password - Verizon Yahoo Mail ( new version)

I can't change the password in any Verizon email accounts I have.  I never changed passwords in past

3 years.  I am using the new version of Verizon Yahoo Mail.  When I select the Account option within

Verizon Yahoo Mail, it takes me to the Verizon Member Center, and wants to change the Master Account

password for all my Verizon Services.

Are there any known problems with chanqing email account passwords in the new version of

Verizon Yahoo Mail ?

Can I change back to an older version of Verizon Yahoo Mail ?

The Yahoo Help System says I can't chnsage back to a previous version of Yahoo Mail, but I wonder

if that is just for Yahoo Email and not Verizon Yahoo Mail.

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There have not been any troubles that I have heard of. It could be a browser problem. Try either using a different browser or running your Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. Please go into Internet Explorers "Tools" menu and click to turn on "compatibility view". It should allow you to sort after doing that. If you do not wish to enable compatibility view every time you want to sort,  Go into compatibility view settings and add the site to the list.


i want my yahoo account back