Receive some email in outlook and some on cell phone - why not all in both places?
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I have tried to find an answer in this forum and elsewhere for why some of my Verizon email is received in Outlook 2007 but some of it is received on my cell phone.  I have also looked up settings in my outlook and on my phone, and even tried MS Outlook forums with no success.  I am using an Android phone, if that matters.

Any help or directions on where to find the resolution will be appreciated.

Thank you.Cat Very Happy

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Verizon's email servers use POP.  So mail is normally pulled and deleted.  Normal recommendation in your type configuration is to set outlook to delete from the server after some period, say 7 or 14 days, but set your cell phone to never delete from the server.  That way you have a chance for both your outlook and cell phone to download copies.