Reported to Collection Agency for Money I don't Owe!

Dear Readers,

I just collection notice letter from Vantage Source for the amount of $48.45.

Vantage Sourcing Account #: {edited for privacy}

Verizon Wireless Account #: {edited for privacy}

I tried out a wireless hotspot device for 2 weeks, was unsatisfied with the speed in my area and returned it at a Verizon location.  When I returned the device I paid everything that was owed and they told me I was good to go.  Now I get a letter from a collection agency for money I don't owe!??  Will this impact my credit score??????  I've tried calling and of course can get no one of the phone.  I will be VERY upset if this has been reported and need help getting this issue resolved.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Re: Reported to Collection Agency for Money I don't Owe!
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