Reset your Password again and again and again

I use Apple mail for email, it started with that asking me for all of a sudden (I have used it for years) what my outgoing password was put it in and of course it said it was wrong.  Decided to use Verizon's webmail to get my mail same thing.  Over the last week I have been required to reset my password at verizon central at least 5 times.  I know you are saying oh the dummy just keeps forgetting her password.  Not so I reset it to the same password each time and it will work one day the next it stops and I am back to resetting my password.  Haven't been able to use Apple Mail all week but it is the same thing with webmail reset the password Lord this is aggrevating. Any body have any answers? Or is Verizon email having issues.

Re: Reset your Password again and again and again
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It's possible your password has been compromised. Try changing it to something different and see if it will stay.