Rude Custome Service Agent on the phone

I called the 1-800 number just like probably 30 minutes ago for a question on billing. From the beginning this Agent is already RUDE and GROUCHY! If you want to hear the conversation you can hear it in your recording since i choose the conversation to be recorded. The Agent's name is Cardel (if this is the right spelling of his name) and he even said "CARDEL as in the name of the school"..... Anyway when i was confirming to him what he told me we have to do, he said "JUST LIKE I SAID I WILL SEND YOU THE NEW HD BOX AND WHEN YOU SEND US THE OLD BOX THAT'S THE TIME YOUR NEW BILL WILL CHANGE!!!!" I tried to stop him because i already tired and **bleep** off with his tone since from the start of our conversation he is not really polite and has very grumpy!!! When i told him to hold on and stop being grouchy he argued with me and told me that he was not grouchy. I told him from the start he was and he HUNG UP THE PHONE!!!!! This is how RUDE one of your agent on the phone!!!! This is not a good customer service> I challenge the Managers and or Supervisors to listen to the recorder for this recorded conversation and tell me if this CARDELL was not grouchy and rude! If he is having a bad night HE DONT TAKE IT TO THE CUSTOMERS!!!! This kind of Agent does not deserve to work in your company, he just gives bad reputation. I hope the managers will look into this and make the necessary action so this wont happen again to ALL Verizon's Customers.

Re: Rude Custome Service Agent on the phone
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Community Leader

You are talking to peers here.  Fortunately I never reached a rude agent.  Some who didn't no what they were doing, but never rude.  Good luck reporting it as they don't have a separate number for such complaints, but yes they want to hear about such things as it makes all their agents look bad.