SSL Encryption

I just received a notice regarding Verizon now requiring SSL encryption for the email browser setting.  The link to the email settings site says to set SSL encryption for both incoming and outgoing mail.  When doing that, I receive and error message saying the server doesn't support outgoing SSL encryption. I'm using Windows Live as the email browser.  Has your server been configured for this yet?

Re: SSL Encryption
Master - Level 2

Many of us switched to using SSL many months ago, before it was generally announced.   Definitely working for the vanilla and  Note some have been having some trouble with the yahoo verizon.  And at least one person had to increase the timeout value from 1 minute to 3 minutes.  Make sure you set password to login either using apop or clear test, will not work with encrypted.  The old port numbers do not allow SSL so you must correctly change them to the new valures.