Samsung S4 -(phone and tablet) - fail to login/send email

I have spent hours on the phone with Verizon and Samsung tech support.  Both new devices...Samsung S4 phone and S4 10.1 tablet.  Both fail to login.  Both fail to send.  This is intermittent.  Sometimes it's just fine.  Receiving email is not a problem (unless login fails..then I have to sign in AGAIN).  Samsung and Ver.Wireless both say it's a connectivity issue.  It is obvious that this is true since it happens with both devices.  If login fails, it's about the server.   Verz tech support offers no help. I cannot even count how many times the settings have been changed...then changed back.  A new phone is on the way.  My money is on it not working. Even if it does, my tablet still doesn't.  My wife has no problem with her HTC phone and I have no problem with my old samsung tablet.  Just the new samsungs.  When I first went back to the store where I got the phone the guy flat out told me I needed a new email address (b/c does not support the new samsung phones...huh?) or I should go back to my old phone..He didn't even look at the phone.  As rude and unhelpful as that was...I am starting to think that he may be right.  Can anybody help?  I'm out of ideas.  My next step is the NY Attorney General's office and the FCC.  But I'd really like to just solve what should not be much of a problem for Verizon to solve. Thanks for any help anyone can give.