Senders being told messages to me are blocked

I have a Verizon email and Gmail account. I used to have them linked where my Gmail mail could be sent to my Verizon account. I began finding out that many people would be sending me emails and were before and still are receiving notifications of failure to deliver to me. On both accounts. I actually have been receiving the emails, but they don't know it because of these failure notices.

I thought by unlinking the accounts months ago it might solve it. I also figured out Verizon is white listing Gmail often which is impossible to fix because they require you to submit one email problem at a time and wait days to get "approval" to fix it. That's insane!

So, they are not linked, but are BOTH still causing failure messages to my senders to me. I have called Verizon multiple times and they have not been able to fix it. Have I somehow been hit by a virus within my accounts? No one seems to know what to do to fix this and I receive all my work mail throught these accounts. Why is this hitting both my accounts and what can I do?? I am beyond frustrated!! Please help.

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What failure message are you getting for each account?