Sending International E-Mails

Good Evening,

I am in Köln, Deutschland,  and have seen this problem arise on infrequent, but numerous occasions.  I also have talked several times with the Verizon Wireless Global Support folks, and they are also aware of this problem, and it happening, "infrequently"  but regularly. 

I can receive e-mails through my Verizon ISP, but I cannot send e-mails through my Verizon STMP server.   I was able to send e-mails up until about an hour ago,  (and then got caught up trying to talk to someone at Verizon about this issue, which was a complete waste of time, and then I finally got disconnected)

Apparently there is some type of switch that can be triggered over here, but Verizon must notify whoever is the carrier for Verizon's servers in the U.S.

If this is any help,  the message and the Code I get through my MS Outlook, is attached.I appreciate any help that anyone can offer, especially if someone can notify the right individuals at Verizon!

It really hurts me when I cannot send e-mails from my normal ISP provider!



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Re: Sending International E-Mails
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Hi KeithInTampa,

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