Sending email to multiple contacts

I send out emails to contacts under the group name Email Alert.  There are 145 contacts.  They will not send.

1)  How many contacts can I send to at one time?

2)  Why don't I receive the individual email address that is "no longer active" - instead of saying the following email will not send, or something to that effect, but no email address is listed?

3)  How can I separate the contact list into smaller lists?

Thank you.

Re: Sending email to multiple contacts

E-Mail Policy 

Limitations on Sending Email

The following limits apply with respect to sending Email from your Email account. These rules are in place in order to help fight spam (i.e., unsolicited Email). For more information on Verizon Online's efforts to fight spam, please see the Verizon Online Anti-Spam Policy at

  • You may not include more than 100 recipients in a single Email. Messages will not be sent to any recipients in excess of 100.
  • You may not exceed 500 recipients in 1 hour. Exceeding 500 recipients in 1 hour will result in the suspension of your ability to send Email for 24 hours. This does not affect your ability to receive Email.



Create two lists. It would depend on how your are sending the emails and what software you use to create the contact list. Now if you are using webmail, I would need to go look. I have not used contact lists or run into this issue.