Sent email not recieved on othere end

A week ago I sent an e-mail that was never recieved by the reciepient.

It is still in my outbox, and is no showing up (asa it normally wouldn't becuase it would be deleted after sending) in my account online.

Is there any way to track what happened to it and where (verizon - the receipients provider  - proof that it got transfered to their inbox...)?

Re: Sent email not received on other end
Master - Level 3

Sorry to hear about your email not being received. This email did not get to their  inbox. Emails in the outbox are pending to be sent. Once it has been sent, its moved to the sent box. Please check the recipients email address and make sure there are no typos or any extra characters in the TO: field that shouldn't be there. If additional help is still required, please reply back.