Session termination and deactivation
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Why are email and sign-in sessions terminated or deactivated within 5 minutes after signing in? This happens even though I always check the box to stay logged in for two weeks.   I am using what is probably considered a public computer, but it is work related as opposed to a general use computer like a library's, but it also happens on my home PC. But even if I were using a public computer, a session should not time out so quickly. I have been in the middle of writing long business or personal emails only to be informed after much work that my session timed out two minutes ago and much of what I've written has not been saved. Some parts are saved by the auto save feature but not everything, so that is not a complete solution.

 It is annoying to the point where I do not want to use Verizon email anymore. And I am not the only person who agrees with me that Verizon email stinks. NO other email program times out this quickly. NONE.

What is going to be done about this problem? What can be done? This is so annoying, I will go to gmail or or any other provider and chuck Verizon email in the garbage.

Re: Session termination and deactivation
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They are having lots of E mail problems.  You must be patient!! It will be fixed before the election!