Should Verizon do better job of blocking malware-containing email?
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This morning I got a fraudulent / malicious email claiming to be from PayPal. Right. The miscreant couldn't form his HTML properly, so it didn't render. I saw this first on my Android tablet and noticed a svchost.exe attachment. Very bad sign IMHO. So I deleted it from Verizon's server after forwarding it to, hoping that might help (am I naive?).

Two screenshots of the message are attached. Yes, I misspelled the abuse address but then re-sent it to Verizon.

Finally, my question:is it reasonable to expect that Verizon would do a better job of protecting us from such low-lifes? I do not know if Avast would have caught this on my desktop but did not want to find out. While I believe that I would have to open the attachment in order to do damage, why can't Verizon stop this sort of crime at its doors?


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