Spam Email on Android Phone Even Though Deleted on

I would like help improve the email SPAM protection so that spam email are eliminated from Verizon servers before they are sent to my phone.  My Verizon Email Account on my cell phone (a Verizon Mobile phone) gets dozens of spam email daily.  When I log on to my laptop to to mark the daily messages as SPAM they are already deleted on the netmail interface because email recognizes them as SPAM.  But yet the server sends them to my phone. 

How have others handled this problem.

Since I have Verizon everything I think its proper that Verizon fix this problem.

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Something is miserably broken with Verizon's mail filters.  A large portion of the email THAT I WANT AND/OR NEED is blocked yet the garbage email messages are sent through.

I cannnot send email using any program other than the web page.  I used to be able to send email from my phone and from outlook on my computer, but something changed on their side as the outgoing mail server no longer recognizes me.  It says that my password is incorrect, yet I am able to log into the email system to get my mail.  I have been using the internet for over 20 years (yes, I know, I was working with a startup ISP in 1994, I am old).  I know how to configure SMTP and POP mail clients.