Spam Getting Sent to Phone

Lately, I've noticed that when I receive spam it correctly gets sent to my spam folder, but not before it gets downloaded to Thunderbird and also shows up on my phone.  I've tried filters to delete the spam before it even makes it to the spam folder with no success.  This behavior is a recent problem and I haven't changed anything on my system or phone.  Anyone else notice this?  Is there anything I can do to keep the spam from being distributed to my devices?

Re: Spam Getting Sent to Phone
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I have had the sam problem.  I have so many filters set up to "try" to combat SPAM and nothing seems to work.  Most mobile mail programs don't have reliable filter settings.  Not to mention, you have to setup all of the filters on each device; which is tedious.

One thing that really chapped my hide was when I looked for a solution to deal with unsolicited email.  The help section sent me to a page that had only router power settings

What a joke.