Spam, sick of it.

I am being deluged by spam originating from Adverpages. It would also appear that my email account has been hacked three times and used to send false messages to my contacts. I am about to give up on Verizon and seek another ISP. Any suggestions or solutions?

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You could be hacked just as easily on another service provider. You can go into your blocked senders list and block the domain . As far as to reduce potential for being hacked...

1)change your password

2)Do not use a password you are using somewhere else

3)update virus scan and firewall software

4)run full virus scan

5)limit logging into your account from public or unfamiliar computers

6)don't download any unfamiliar/unsolicited email attachment without talking to sender first


I've done what you said to do....block a sender's domain and changed my password several times...and the spammers still send spam with my email address.  I finally decided about two weeks ago to delete my email which was a subaccount.  So I logged into our primary email address (my husband's) and deleted my subaccount email address.  AND YOU KNOW WHAT?  THE SPAMMERS ARE STILL USING MY deleted EMAIL ADDRESS TO SEND SPAM TO MY CONTACTS!!!!! What do I do now?  My contacts are getting upset.  The spammers send it daily for about 4 days straight, then take a few days off and start it up again.  All from a deleted email address!!!??!!!!!