I received an email indicating my paypal account had beeen compromised and I needed to download a form and check my account info. It was obviously a phishing email. Paypal has asked to forward such emails to thier seurity website. When I tried to do that, Verizon decided what I was sending was spam and would not send it. This has happened before when I have tried to send phishing emails to security websites. My question is, if Verizon is that good at detecting spam, why did I get those phishing emails in the first place?

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"if Verizon is that good at detecting spam"?  Don't kid yourself.  I've had an email address for years that had remained spam free but, within the past 6 months, spam started appearing.  I mark all the spam emails as "SPAM" and forward the spam emails from the same source that repeatedly make it into my inbox to spamdetector.notcaught@verizon.net yet there is only a small portion of spam that Verizon catches.  I've tried to bring it to the attention of Verizon that their Spam Filters aren't working because of special characters being added by the spammers, yet nothing gets resolved.


And good luck trying to contact someone at Customer Service. 

Create another sub-account and change to the new one or use one of the other free email account services that actually care about their users.  (Gmail has taken action to block spam containing the special characters that are shown above).