My settings are correct but my spam folder has always been empty. New Verizon account of a few months. All of the junk goes into my inbox. Can someone give me a clue what is wrong.?

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Verizon Spam Dector is useless. Simply does not work.

Shame a large copmpany like this just does not care about it's customers.

Once they get your money you are basicly on your own.

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Here is a workaround I have used to combat spam with some success.  It's only a workaround, not a real solution. One of the forum moderators suggested the core part of it, then I tweaked it a little.  It works on the principle that most spam is sent as a BCC, and is not addressed TO the sender.

Log into webmail and go to Settings>Email settings>filters>add new filters.  Set up a new rule that says "IF To: or CC:" does not contain <your email address>, then move messages to trash.  I created a folder that I called "filtered spam" and have the messages moved there instead of trash so I can go back in and make sure the filters aren't catching anything I really want.  

Because I use the "Always BCC myself" feature on my iPhone and iPad, I then added a second filter that says, "If From Contains <your email address>, then move messages to folder Inbox."  This allows the BCC's to myself to be delivered.

The glitch is if someone legitimately sends a BCC, I don't get it.  I have added several additional filters to allow some low tech newsletters that I get to be delivered.  Those rules read, "If From Contains <e-mail address of the sender> Then Move messages to Inbox." It is also possible to put a domain name in the filter in lieu of an e-mail address, if you want to be certain that all BCC's from that organization come through.  

This solution isn't perfect - some spam still gets through.  But, over the past week, it has filtered out 450 spam e-mails and only allowed 7 spam e-mails through.  Over this same period the filters caught 2 valid e-mails.  

So, it's not perfect, but I find that it is still a lot better.  I hope this helps.

In the meantime, let's all keep lobbying VZN for a decent spam filter.