Specific e-mail address apparently being blocked

Hello --

I had been corresponding with a particular e-mail address for some time, and recently e-mails from that address were not getting through to me. The person on the other end of the address reported that he was getting my e-mails. It appears the address in question is being blocked, and I wanted to know how I can find out if that is the case. Also, if the address being blocked, how can I correct the problem.


Re: Specific e-mail address apparently being blocked
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If you are using verizon webmail first go to settings- email settings- filters  & verify there are no filter set for the address .

Also  turn off spam detector and test to see if you can receive. then turn it back on after testing

Last- check blocking for the address . Don't forget to click save before testing any new settings.  IF none of this helps -

Safe Senders - add the address and test.

Just curious is the address in your contacts? Please let us know.!