Strong e-mail passwords - not
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If verizon is so concerned with security -- why can't I use special characters in my password to make it strong?

In this day and age it's ridiculous to not allow @.$%^&*()!!!!!  in my password.

I want to believe Verizon understand security, but until this simple item is correctly, I just don't believe it.

Are your programmers not smart enough to parse those characters?  Are you using some antiquated database that can't handle those in a password field?    Please bring your technology up to 2001 standards please.  2011 would be good but I don't expect miracles.

I've complained about this issue to your support in the past -- of course that does no good, not sure they even understand the problem.   And every year to two I test changing my password to see if it's been fixed -- it's still not. 


Re: Strong e-mail passwords - not
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This has been proposed to Verizon multiple times. Don't forget to vote for the idea on the Idea Exchange board.