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Your assessment of Verizon is DEAD ON!  They suck **bleep**!  I have now been locked out of a sub account email I CREATED and have attempted to access thru generation of a temporary PIN 9 (YES NINE!!!) times to no avail.  The process diverts to my primary email acct/user name every time and informs me I am "locked out" of sub account due to multiple log in failures. Interesting as the password on my sub account is the same as my primary.  The only way to resolve is to call Verizon which takes a BARE MINIMUM of 1 hour.  I think it is time for a new provider for ALL Verizon services.  Being as you are new, take this as a clear indication that you should run, don't walk, from Verizon.  Seriously consider how your first experience with Verizon has played out.  Best of luck to you!

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Hi MatiBob,

Sorry for the delayed response as I'm just getting your post.  Have you been able to get this taken care of or are you still needing help?  If you do, please send us a private message with your details and we would be happy to help you investigate