Sub acount locked -- web pages quirky
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I've been a FiOS customer for about a month now.   The customer web pages seem to have some odd quirks.

For starters, I have never been able to use my actual FiOS customer account information to post on these forums.   I sent a note to the email address provided for forum problems and never received a reply so I created a "community only" ID.   Oddly, I was allowed to do this using the login information for one of my sub accounts.  I had created a "community only" ID using my primary FiOS account  information but the computer locked up when trying to receive the three digit confirmation code and I've never been able to resolve it.

On Jan 1, we had a situation where too many unsuccessful logins to a sub account caused it to be locked out.  the system said "Your account is locked from too many invalid password attempts."  Good there, but the procedure to unlock it was convoluted.  The system asked me to provide my Verizon phone number, which I did, and then was given four choices to receive an unlock code.  No problem getting a code in prompt order, but after entering the code, the system changed the user id from the sub acciount to the primary account!   There was nothing wrong with the primary account.  I followed through and sure enough, the secret question and password was changed for the primary account, not the locked sub account. So, after trying it again a few times, I tried calling Verizon and gave up after being on hold for 90 minutes which didn't surprise me being a holiday -- I have to wonder if there was anybody there at all  but I was tired of listening to the repeating music on speaker phone for over an hour.

Four hours went by, so with no telephone help, I kept stumbling around in the pages looking for a way to change the sub-account's password or somehow unlock it.   One forgotten password page wanted the answer to two secret questions, but the questions were listed as "null."  That wasn't working. Nothing seemed to allow me to change anything with the sub account and there was no logging into it as it was locked.  I kept searching some more and found a different forgotten password change page, and honestly out of pure boredom and some frustration, I don't know how I got to it but this one gave me a secret question but not one associated with any of the sub accounts.  I finally got the right answer after several attempts, the system seemed to cross questions across accounts and the answers likewise and the system allowed the password change for the sub account.   I was back in business!   I then had to go back and update the passwords and select the right secret questions and answers for the affected sub account and the primary account.  I then got about eight emails notifiying me of account changes.   So, I learned to keep a record of secret questions ever used and the associated answers just in case the system scrambles them. 

That was a weird experience and I couldn't retrace my steps if asked!   I don't know if the account unlocked itself after a timeout or what.   Shame, though, for as good as the automated help system is, it wasn't getting me out of this one.  Were there any updates going on?

Re: Sub acount locked -- web pages quirky
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Hello Chris60!

I glad your issue was resolved and I 'm definitely sorry you had to go through that ordeal, on New Year's day no less! Actually no email updates or push throughs were conducted that day. Just wanted to confirm; you mentioned that both primary and sub-accounts are now accessible by you? Each with their own separate passwords and secret questions?