Suggestion to combat SPAM
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I would like to suggest that Verizon adds an option to block emails from outside the US and Canada.  I am getting so much spam lately, and I am at wits end.  I have mail washer, I am putting the email address in the blocking on the Verizon forum,  I am sending it to Spam cop, and to the US gov't spam agency.  I think that if Verizon adds the block by country feature, my spam would disappear.  Thank you...Steve

Re: Suggestion to combat SPAM
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We do have a spam filter that is by default turned on for all email accounts. The amount of spam you receive is in direct correlation to how much you put it out publicly. Additional third party applications can be used to help filter through spam. You are doing the right thing by forwarding messages you receive as spam to the different address so they can be flagged. Every little bit helps, so we thank you for that.