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To whom it may concern:

I was given this phone number during an inquiry to leave feedback on a specific customer service experience that I had, however the message box was full and I did not want my customer service experience to be left unheard so I am writing to you via email {edited for privacy} and I hope she gets recognized.  I will coninute to call the {edited for privacy}# as well until the box is emptied so I can leave her a positive comment the correct way also.

I hope you can tell from what I am doing to share my customer service experience that it was a good one.  The level of professionalism, patience, and knowledge about my account that was demonstrated by the customer service representative was exceptional.  Without going into all of the details of my account with you I hope more customer service representatives conduct business as she did.

The person that provided the exceptional services was Nicolette{edited for privacy} (I requested this from her so that I could identify her first).  Her manager I believe is Hana.  I do hope she gets recognized for her service, I am very appreciative of her support.

Exceptional customer service representative:

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