Suspended e-mail accounts, need access/help

Recently, my family and I moved and had to change our phone number with Verizon due to the new area and could no
longer use Verizon as our internet service provider as they do not provide service to this area, though it is still
unclear to me as to whether the 4G network would be available or not. After choosing a new ISP and getting the
internet in our new home, my father discovered that we could no longer sign into our e-mail accounts (to clarify,
there were two subaccounts off of his main account). He called technical support and to make a long story short, was
told that there is no way to gain access again to the e-mail accounts and he should have used to
retain his e-mail. Before the move, on two seperate occasions, my father talked to Verizon representatives and was
told there was no problem and that we would have our e-mail. If told differently, we would have taken different measures to retain our e-mails and information. After his phone call, I called technical support later and was told in a more straightforward manner that the e-mail could not be accessed.
So my questions is this: Is there any way to gain access to the old account that had access to the e-mails or any
other manner in which access could be gained to them? Even if it's something odd, like signing up for a service we
might not be able to use or using a relative's Verizon service to try to access the account. I'm open for any "bubblegum and duct tape" suggestions or help as it's very important to my family and I to have access to our e-mail

Re: Suspended e-mail accounts, need access/help

Anyone have any suggestions? Should I try Verizon's technical support one more time or the Verizon virtual agent? The information in our e-mail accounts was important and if there is any way to access that information again, I would like to know how. My family was told twice that we would have our e-mail accounts and it turned out to not be the case. We were relying on what we were told. We've been Verizon customers for more than a decade and we really don't appreciate this situation. It was mentioned in another thread that e-mail could be restored if the Verizon service was restored. Is there some way I could do that? For reference, here is the aforementioned thread: