Tab has recovered

I am constantly having issues with my Verizon email. When I go to read it and scroll down then click on display images is blinks out and says "This Tab has been recovered - A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen this tab."  It might happen 4-5 times before the e-mail page is opened and frequently happens. What is causing this and how can I fix this. It's very annoying, because then I have to refresh the page to view my email again. Please help!

Re: Tab has recovered
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Best thing to do is make sure you compltely clear cache. Something sounds like it got screwed up.

With internet explorer close open control panel, network and internet, internet options, delete browing history and browsing history delete (if verizon is in your favorite uncheck preserve favorites), delete.  If you changed prserve favorites check it again and hit delete again.

Re: Tab has recovered

This definetely sounds like a browser issue or some form of malware/spyware hanging up the system.   Internet Explorer has a tendency to get bogged down and act very slowly.  you should test and make sure it's just internet explorer.  

So the easiest way in my opinion is to grab another browser like chrome.  I know you mentioned firefox, but if it's kernal is hanging, then perhaps trying the chrome one will have better results.  Download and install and run it and then test it.  see if it's faster.   If it is I would recommend just switching to it as your primary browser, but if you REALLY want IE to work over another browser, then you would want to attempt to fix it. (click internet explorer, and then drill down to the appropriate problem) 

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