Tech support with erroneous info.
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This is more of a verizon mail question, but no option to choose that here.

I know AOL supports it, but i spoke with a tech person from Verizon and they told me to use SSL/TLS as the setting in the Advanced Internet email settings.

This is wrong.  When i kept it on STARTTLS , it is fine.

The issue was something else and after i reset my AOL email password it worked fine in Outlook. I think the security level for pswds just was taken up a level.

The other thing i noticed is that Verizon says to call AOL about issues if they cant help.  When i tried to get help from AOL, I found out they charge $ for that help.  They wouldnt help me with the settings in Outlook unless i called the premium service.  Email settings shouldnt be a charge. That is sad.  I also noticed that i am now getting emails from AOL about updating info ... after i already had issues weeks ago.  They shouldve said things changed before.  When they update password requirements , they should alert you so that you set a new one and you dont have issues with email fed to Outlook.  Anyway, no more free suppport on email settings.  I am not happy about that.

Re: Tech support with erroneous info.