The service where I live is awful

To whom this may concern,

        I am typing this email to you today to talk to you about the service problem in Milmay, New Jersey zip code 08340. Service here has always been an issue, but ever since the derechio in early July 2012, it has been utterly ridiculous. I cannot talk on my cell phone for more than two minutes without the call failing. To even ATTEMPT to make a successful phone call I have to stand in the middle or end of my driveway and hope the call doesn't drop. I understand we are a very small town in New Jersey, but we should be a priority like the larger city of Trenton. I have been told that someone in the town has asked for you to fix this problem and your response was "There are not enough people in the area to have the problem fixed." I feel that that should never be the case. The only satisfaction my parents have gotten is the act of dropping your Verizon home service and switching over to Comcast, since there are not enough people in the town that matter.We are paying customers, no matter how small, we should be a priority. I hope we can have this issue resolved or for you to come up with a better excuse. Please email me at {edited for privacy} with your response to my email.

Thank you for your consideration,

{edited for privacy}, 15 almost 16 year old fed up with the service issue in my town.


Re: The service where I live is awful

Hi giana_anglani,

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