There is No Longer Such a Thing as Verizon Support
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It has now become impossible to get support from Verizon in a reasonable manner. They do not want to help users. They basically want to make it impossible to get help by making it take many hours, going in curcles and + never actually doing anything to help us.

Try and talk to an actual person for helf at Vverizon about any problem and see how many days you have to waste. Don't take my word for it.

My problem is this. I am a Paypal user. I received what looks to be a phishing email pretentding to be from Paypal. When this happens Paypal instructs its members to forward a copy of the suspicious email to However, when a Verizon users attempts to do this, Verizon will not deliver the email. Instead they kick it back as spam.

I get more spam from Verizon than any other company. If only Verizon blocked all their spam and worked to cooperate with Paypal. The is not a new thing. This problem recurs. I have had it before.

Verizon needs to take a trip to the fountain of smart and drink all they can.

Trying to fix this issue so far I have wasted several hours today going in circles on the  Verizon site, dealing with their automated voice system (which is also dumber than dirt) which appears designed to make those who use it get so frustrated that they simply give up. What the folks you can actually talk to a lot if you get that lucky do is read off the script and apoloogize, but they almost can never actually help solve the problem. What they can do with great skill is transfer you in circles inside the system for hours insuring you get no help and waste the maximum time.


Re: There is No Longer Such a Thing as Verizon Support
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Yes, TwoTankAmin, I totally agree with everything you have said. I too have been trying to report dangerious emails by looking them up in finding the domain administrator and then sending an email to them. But they must have a copy of the offending email to look at the headers. You might try doing this and copying the header info into a file that you PDF into an image, or clip an image of the header and send it to the domain admin. Just a thought, it seem crazy that when you try reporting spam it bounces, but Verizon has no problem dropping it right into your inbox.