Timed out timed out

Smiley Mad Even when I'm composing my e mail it goes to timed out why? Come on Verizon are you that hard up for internet space? That's all I see now is timed out messages and don't get to use the time I need to write my e mails. I know what you think that there's so many people on line and that's what chokes it up but YOU VERIZON ADVERTISE that YOU'RE FAST AND HAVE THE LARGEST INTERNET IN THE US AND STILL CAN'T HANDLE THE LOAD . HA  GO BACK TO THE SIMPLE SIDE AND KEEP IT THAT WAY, WHY CHANGE SOMETHING THAT WORKS AND MAKE SOMETHING HARDER AND WORST. FIRE THE PEOPLE WHO DESIGNED THIS NEW PAGE AND GET REAL AMERICAN S TO ANSWER THE SERVICE CALLS