Unable to Update Filters Error Message

Has anyone else had difficulty editing or deleting their Email Filters? 

I set up about 15 filters several years ago before Verizon changed the email format and have been unable to do anything with these filters for a couple of years now. 

Below is the error message I receive everytime I attempt to delete or edit one of these filters:


Tech Support on the other side of the world was unable to resolve this in October 2012 and I just continue to put up with and delete the error messages in my inbox that appear because some of the filters are trying to forward the email to my previous cell phone text message address.

I don't use Outlook - I only access my email through netmail.verizon.net and my iPhone, but the issue with editing the filters existed before I got my iPhone.

Does anyone have any inside tracks to someone at Verizon that could access my email account from the server side and REMOVE ALL FILTERS in my account?  I would prefer to have them all removed instead of putting up with I continue to put up with.

Verizon keeps pushing me to go to FIOS, but I won't even consider it if they can't even fix this relatively simple issue!

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Tech Support needs to open a ticket to the OSC to have them removed. Make sure they document in the ticket that you want ALL of the filters deleted, and you are aware that they will not be able to recover them. Should take less than 24 hours.

Good luck!