Unable to set up email accounts

I guess I should not have to deal with it but everytime I start something new with Verizon, the result is same, Frustrating.

I ordered a domain (basic service) last November 2011. Surprise, surprise, on May 29, 2012 my previous domain provider informs me that they are canceling my service. After spending hours, I realize that Verizon never transferred my domain.

Now I spend hours again with my previous vendor to schedule the transfer and finally get it done today.

Now I can not set up my email accounts (Verizon website claims to give 9 email account). I have called the support number multiple times. Everytime the guy says that he is a 3rd party vendor and Verizon is misrepresenting (sophisticated way to say 'Lying') on it's website.

What a loss of time, money and this time it's significant part of my business.



Re: Unable to set up email accounts

verizon has a special dept for domain name email, so if you call into verizon then you should be adamant that they transfer you to the Domain name email support group.  

in the meanwhile, this might answer some of your basic questions

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