Unable to use Password Managers with sub-account logins
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This is a strange one.

I have Norton's password vault and cannot get it to work for web page logins for email and such with sub accounts.   The main account seems to be okay but I want to store passwords for the sub accounts as well.   I tried Laspass 3.0 and encountered the same issues

Simply put, the password managers will get confused and either use the user login for both the login and the password the password (Norton) or use the password for both the user login  and password (Lastpass).   That it happens with more than one password manager tells me that it's something on Verizon's end but I could be wrong

Anybody use password managers to administer sub-accounts?  I spent a few hours trying different login methods and nothing works.

Re: Unable to use Password Managers with sub-account logins
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Hi chris60,

The issue would have to be with your password manager that is causing the problem. You see, your password manager is what inputs the username and password on the Verizon website. The website is simply taking whatever credentials that your password manager is giving to it. We certainly do apologize for the problem but it's probably something simple that Norton can troubleshoot with you to get this resolved.

Thanks for reaching out to us and let us know if you ever have any further questions.