Unable to whitelist our mail server IP


I hope Verizon Support staff will see this message as it is practically our last resort.

Ever since we upgraded our dedicated server used as both web and mail server for the domain kraisoft.com (which inflicted IP address change) all emails sent out from this server to Verizon customers are being rejected with the following bounce message:

host relay.verizon.net[] refused to talk to me:
571 Email from is currently blocked by Verizon Online's anti-spam system. The email sender or Email Service Provider may visit http://www.verizon.net/whitelist and request removal of the block. 150330

Any attempts to whitelist our server using the above-mentioned form end up within several minutes with seemingy automatic (judging by its uselessness and the time taken to investigate) reply:

Your IP has been blocked because of spam issues or because your ISP indicates that it is dynamically assigned
 No Reverse Hostname associated with your IP address.
Once you have addressed any security-related issues on your network, you should contact Verizon Online Security via this form. Sincerely, Verizon Online Security

Any attempts to reply to this message, or use "this form", or email abuse@verizon.net quoted in the message end in complete and total silence.

Needless to say the IP adress in question - -
1. Does not have any spam issues as it is a freshly assigned IP address for a new dedicated server built a couple of weeks ago (with your rejection started from the day one). The Postfix mailer on the server is configured properly, not an open relay, isn't listed in any of the 100 common blacklists, uses SSL client connections, has SPF records, signs email using DKIM etc.
2. Isn't by any means a dynamic IP. It is a static IP, one of the 4 assigned to the server by the hoster.
3. ANY available tool (online or command-line) will show within seconds that  a proper reverse hostname kraisoft.com is assosiated with the IP address in question so the reply is obviously irrelevant.

This is getting extremely frustrating and we'd be very, very grateful if this issue could be escalated to someone who can provide some additional info or resolve the issue.

Thank you.

Re: Unable to whitelist our mail server IP
Moderator Emeritus

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.

Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.

Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions.

To ensure you know when they have responded to you, at the top of your support case there is a drop down menu for support case options. Open that and choose "subscribe".

Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.